Book Illustrations

One of Nico Bulder’s specialties was book illustrations. His art enhanced about sixty books. Some of them are real stunning. Bulder’s craftsmanship in wood engraving is especially striking in the way how he illustrated horses, ships and trees.

Taras Boeljba, 1948

Schateiland (Treasure Island), 1945

De Legenden van Jezus’ Kindsheid (Legends from Jezus’ Youth), 1944

Kalevala, 1939

Kalevala is a Finnish epic poem. Jan H. Eekhout published a Dutch translation in 1939. Nico Bulder provided the wood engravings: 11 pictures (including frontispice), 2 vignets, the cover picture and the decorative letter “H” that is the starting letter of every “rune” = verse.

Het WijdeLeven – 12, 1939

“Het Wijde Leven – volume 12” by W. Meijer en Joh. van Hulzen is a school book published in 1939 by J.B. Wolters in Groningen. Nico Bulder provided the illustrations. The illustrations were done using the scratch board technique.

Salammbô, 1938

Overijsselsch Sagenboek (Myths and Legends from Overijssel), 1936

Het Grafisch Museum, derde jaargang nummer 3, paginas 39-44, 1933

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