Events and Occasions

Nico Bulder created a lot of art for special occasions. His Christmas, Eastern and New Year’s cards especially radiate an unique exuberance. His own New Year’s cards are fun as well except for the 1939 one. Nico Bulder clearly had a bad premonition about the events that were about to unfold.
The art that he made for the “Veenkoloniale Bank” is also worth your attention. The composition and level of detail are astounding for a wood engraving.

First you will find dedicated galleries and then the gallery with all art that he created for events and occasions.



Nico Bulder’s Own New Year’s Cards

Veenkoloniale Bank

“Voor Het Kind” (“To the Children’s Benefit”) 1934 Christmas and 1935 New Year’s Cards

Art for Events and Occasions

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