Memories of Kea Homan

My memories of Nico Bulder

October 19, 2015

I remember Bulder as extraordinarily strict and critical. He was a demanding teacher, probably the most demanding teacher during my years at Minerva. Although this did not make my study easy, I learned a lot because of it.
Bulder put the bar high, but he knew for whom this approach was necessary! The result is that I, even still now, always view my own work critically and am not easily satisfied with any of my own work.
Although Bulder was sometimes difficult to deal with, I know he meant well and was always – also later – willing to provide help and advice. When I studied for my teaching degree, for example, he invited me to his home to help me prepare for my exams. He sometimes gave me one of his engravings as a reward for my study progress. And he even made an ex libris for me. As far as I know, he never did such a thing for any other student at Minerva!

Kea Homan, Grafica

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Opus 152 (1961), X2, Kea Homan, grafica and student of NB; see also “Memories of Kea Homan”.

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